What You Need To Know Before Landscaping Your New Home

You’re the proud owner of a freshly built home in a new community. Naturally, you want to make your front yard look attractive and appealing as well.

Before you begin the process of landscaping, take some time to read through your community’s landscaping requirements. Qualico Communities establishes these guidelines to provide a consistent standard for each community, while still allowing homeowners to follow their individual landscaping preferences. The end result is a beautiful, welcoming community with harmonizing natural elements.


Your Home Builder is your main point of contact for your landscaping deposit and parameters. They will provide you with a copy of your community’s Landscaping and Fencing Requirements document.

You can also view the landscaping guidelines online at any time by visiting the Qualico Communities website, selecting your community, then clicking on “Discover More” at the top of the page. In the “Discover More” section, you can download a PDF file of the community-specific landscaping guidelines and access a helpful list of landscaping-related Frequently Asked Questions.


The landscaping guidelines will provide minimum requirements for the number of trees and/or shrubs in your yard, as well as their size. Here are some terms you may encounter along the way:

  • Deciduous tree: Any tree that drops its leaves in the fall and produces new leaves in the spring.
  • Coniferous tree: Commonly known as evergreens, these trees have needles instead of leaves.
  • Xeriscaping: An alternate form of landscaping, often using drought-tolerant plants, that reduces or eliminates the need for additional watering.
  • Swale: The narrow strip of land between your home and your neighbour’s home.
  • Boulevard: The area between the sidewalk and the road. Technically, this land is owned by the municipality, but the homeowner is responsible for its maintenance.


In order to recover your landscaping deposit, your home’s front yard landscaping must be assessed by a Qualico Communities representative to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements. This must occur within one year of the date of the Rough Grade approval.

Landscaping inspections begin in the spring, when leaves are visible on the trees, and end in the fall when plants become dormant.

When your front yard is ready for an inspection, contact your Home Builder. They can also answer any questions you may have about landscaping deposits, inspection results, and a possible extension of the one-year time frame if necessary.

If your first inspection is unsuccessful, you will receive feedback about the improvements that are needed. A second inspection will be performed at no cost. After two unsuccessful inspections, a $150 fee will be deducted from the landscaping deposit for each additional inspection.

If you are planning to add a fence, it will not be part of the landscaping inspection. However, please refer to your community’s Landscaping Requirements document for fence and gate guidelines.

When it comes to landscaping, everyone’s goal is the same: a beautiful front yard to match your beautiful new home.

For more information about Qualico communities in Edmonton and the surrounding area, please visit our website.