7 Reasons to love your community playground

For families with young children, a playground is an ideal place to gather with friends and meet new neighbours. Forget the creaky swing sets, rusty climbing ladders and wood splinters of yesteryear — today’s play structures are innovative, engaging, and visually appealing. They provide a safe, age-appropriate environment for exploratory movement, physical activity, creative play, and — most of all — fun!

At Qualico Communities, we take pride in equipping our communities with inviting outdoor amenities. In fact, many of our communities offer multiple parks and playgrounds within them. Here are 7 meaningful reasons to appreciate your nearby playground:

The latest technology

Future Marquis playground, coming late summer 2023

The brand-new community of Marquis has a high-tech surprise, coming very soon. A state-of-the-art playground is under construction in this Northeast Edmonton community, with expected completion by the end of the summer. This highly anticipated play structure will include:

  • YALP Memo interactive play area — the first of its kind in Edmonton — featuring 7 columns equipped with responsive sensors and 360° LED lights
  • A large multi-level play structure called Marquis Tower
  • A smaller play structure for toddlers and younger children
  • A sensory wall
  • A swing set with multiple seat types
  • A merry-go-round that generates light and sound

kid-friendly themes

Dinosaur playground in Meadowview

In Leduc, our Meadowview community playground is extremely popular due to its distinctive dinosaur theme. The treehouse slide features a giant replica of a Triceratops head, along with other recognizable Jurassic beasts. Other touches include dinosaur eggs, bones, and a free-standing dino skeleton structure. The prehistoric theme connects to the archaeological discovery of a Hadrosaur fossil in this area 10 years ago.

Water features

Splash pads in SummerWood and Cy Becker

As temperatures rise in July and August, the residents of SummerWood (in Sherwood Park) and Cy Becker (in Northeast Edmonton) have the perfect way to beat the heat. SummerWood’s Summerton Spray Deck has a variety of spouts, sprayers and water features to cool off, while Cy Becker’s spacious All Seasons Park has an equally refreshing splash pad, plus an adjacent playground.

A focus on inclusion

The Uplands at Riverview (East) inclusive playground

The best playgrounds are the ones that everyone can enjoy. With this in mind, the East playground in The Uplands at Riverview prioritizes accessibility and inclusiveness. Designed to reflect the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design, The Uplands East play space incorporates innovative elements and surfaces to encourage cooperative, social play for children and families of all abilities.

Nature connections

The Uplands at Riverview (West) newly opened playground

On the other side of The Uplands, the new West playground incorporates nature-inspired features, including a lifelike tree house, oversized insects and a rustic climbing structure in earthy colours. Kids can climb, spin, slide and jump in this custom play space that pays tribute to the nearby River Valley wilderness.

Motor skill development

Aster playground with unique X-shaped bridge

Playgrounds are an ideal place for kids to enhance their “physical literacy,” which refers to movement skills such as balance, coordination, strength and agility. (The best part is, they don’t even realize it’s happening – they’re simply having fun!) Aster in Southeast Edmonton has a brand new playground. Your kids will be eager to try out the KidNetix X swaying bridge, tandem swings and multiple levels of monkey bars. 

Something for everyone

All-ages playground at Forest Ridge

If you visit the new playground at Forest Ridge in Fort Saskatchewan, you’ll notice that its structures come in varying shapes and sizes. Toddlers will enjoy the mini structure meant just for them, while their older siblings will relish climbing higher to the “big kid” slides. These age-appropriate play options help ensure that every member of the family feels challenged and engaged.

A final bonus: these playgrounds are all conveniently located within their communities, without any driving required. They are easily reachable by a network of paved multi-use trails (another mainstay feature of Qualico Communities). Whether you travel the short distance by walking, cycling, rollerblading, pushing a stroller or pulling a wagon, the community playground will be an exciting destination that will delight family members of all ages.

We have even more playgrounds than the ones mentioned above! For more details, please choose one of the communities below: